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My name is Ste and this is the tumblog of a 27 year old geek. How rare!

I'll be dumping stuff about the various shows, games and comedy I enjoy in here. I also make the occasional gif set myself!
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"They don’t look that big to me."

In response I am sad.

There’s magic everywhere in this bitch.

"How could a so called geek get someone like her?"

"My encyclopedic knowledge of Doctor Who."



Someone please direct me to this video!


That contains all the videos to the series so far.

This isn’t actually from Friday Nights, though I highly recommend watching those too. Magic occasionally leaks into their other videos such as this one.

Video this is from is here.

Bonus extended version for just magic here.

Shit Magic Players Say

I almost wish I argued with people on tumblr so I could use the second one.

Amazing game, terrible ending.

Some LoadingReadyRun reaction gifs I made. Feel free to use them.

"But they don’t have… this hat."

And then, the locusts will come…